About Me:
An ambitious, diligent full-stack web developer, who is very familiar and experienced with Web Application Architecture and have worked with a good number of successful development teams. Collaborates effectively with the development team to identify software problems, testing methods, and best solutions. Designed and developed the maintainable and efficient products according to the business objectives and needs of the company's clients. Trying to learn new technologies and remaining up-to-date as a determined, self-managed person who is always pushing herself to deliver ongoing process improvements.
Full-stack Web Developer    April 2019 - Present
▹ Designed the company's website and worked with the team on a job board product.
▹ Working mainly on the UI/UX of the product and trying to write clean codes with design pattern concepts and testing tools.
Creative Investments Technologies
Full-stack Web Developer    November 2016 - April 2019
Started as a junior front-end developer to become the team member for writing both back-end and front-end codes for the job board products.
Worked with the design and content writer teams on the company's blog system and managed them to publish their content on the web.
Centre for Freudian Analysis and Research
Web Developer and Support Manager    April 2017 - Present
Designed the WordPress template for the organization and publish their works and researches on the website.
Working as a support manager to update the content based on their seminars, publications, and projects.
FANA Software Engineering Company
Front-End Developer    October 2015 - July 2016
Worked on various company's projects that were for multiple clients. Designed and coded the website's templates and deliver them to the back-end team.
Checked the responsiveness of client's websites and gave the solutions to the development teams.
Miladoweb Web Design Company
Junior Front-end Developer    May 2015 - July 2015
Started as a junior front-end developer in the company's development team and worked on the clients' websites.
Worked with the design team and coded the PSDs to the responsive website template.
Freelance Web Developer    March 2013 - April 2015
Entered the web development world by using the learned concepts and tools of this topic and did some freelance projects for some companies.
Designed website templates for clients and deliver the product to their development teams and maintain their needs afterward.
Voluntary Works
Shiraz Linux Users Group
Became an active member of Shiraz LUG and participated in their weekly sessions. Presented various lectures about software engineering to the other participants.
Gave a lecture about Linux Filesystems, installing a distro, and introduction to different Linux desktops at a conference in Zand university in Shiraz.
Kids Programming Educator
Held some workshops about kids programming and taught them how to use Scratch application to write the blocks of codes and learn the concepts of programming languages.
Helped the parents to know about the programming and its values for their children and presented them some resources to help their children in these concepts.
Web Design Instructor
Taught the concepts of web design and front-end development to some teenagers and held various workshops for them.
Implemented testing projects for some groups and worked alongside them to achieve their goal to become a web developer.